The Big Ship Find of the Week

This is a rare find, and it is unlikely you will find another one like it for sale! This is a single Fresnel panel from an unknown Great Lakes Light House. It was made in 1933 by American Gas Accumulator Company in Elizabeth New Jersey. The Serial Number is #501. The glass was supplied by supplied by BBT - France. This item just over 36 inches tall and about 21 inches wide. The brass housing and the glass weigh just over 140 pounds. This item is being sold in as found condition and is not considered to be in mint condition. Some of the glass prisms have notable chips and other damage. All of the prisms are glass and none are made of the replacement acrylic material used in modern time to restore the prisms. It is clear that some of the white compound normally found to support the glass position in the brass frame has been replaced with some sort of clear silicone caulk. I was told the center glass is not original to the lens, but may have been installed to make a better display at some point.

This is a very historical piece and I will not ship, pack, or crate it. We ask that the new owner pickup and transport from our Pauline, South Carolina warehouse. If you chose to hire a professional moving company, you accept full responsibility of the mover you select.


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